Feather Hair Extensions

  Feather Hair Extensions
Feather Hair Extensions are fast becoming the latest hot new trend in hair accessories, you may have noticed celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Hillary Duff sporting this latest craze.

It is no surprise that the everyday consumer has now embraced this latest craze because Feather Hair Extensions are a simple way to energize and add color to your everyday hair. You can be as bold or conservative as you like, opting for only a few feathers or adding as many feathers and colors as your heart desires.

Real Feather Hair Extensions
Our real hair feathers are handmade and every feather is skillfully quality checked and only the best are used in each of our feather hair extension products. We have a great range of natural colours including red,pink, brown, yellow, blue, white, green and our favourite grizzly which is the destinctive black and white stripped feather. The hair feathers are installed using a small micro ring, which is clamped safely to the hair using a standard pair of DIY pliers.
The feather hair extensions can last up to 6 months depending on how you care for them and how often you wear them. The great thing about our feathers is that they can be styled just like normal hair with moderate brushing, blow drying and low heat on your hair straighteners.
  People likes real feathers, but the Synthetic(artificial) man-made fiber feather hair extension are becoming more and more popular too. After all, you will have several reasons to like them:

Synthetic items are can be long enough for your styling, in fact you can order any lengh of them if you want. But the real feathers are usual short.
Synthetic items can supply very wide choices on colors, styles.
Synthetic items can be washed, styled with hot irons, or in any other ways you like.
They all have sealed ends for your easy inserting into the clip beads.
There can be several color fibers in one bundle, which give you more fashional appearance.
All the extensions will be looked like exact the same,easy to re-sell in salons.

Feather Hair Extensions FAQs

1.How are feather hair extensions attached?

Feather Extensions are effortless to install, they can be worn 2 different ways:
The hair feathers are installed using a small micro ring, which is clamped safely to the hair using a standard pair of DIY pliers.
Clip in Extensions are attached by small metal snap clips that are already attached to the extensions. The extensions are then clipped to a small layer of your own hair so that the clip is completely covered. They work well on any length hair, and give old hair new excitement.

2.What are feather hair extensions made of?

Real Feather Extensions are mainly made from rooster feathers, but cocktail feathers are also very popular due to their amazing colors, Reed feather are also used.
The extensions usually come in sets, for example 3,6,or 9 feathers and you can choose from a variety of colors or styles. How much you pay for extensions can vary due to quality, and if you prefer synthetic or real feathers.

3.How long do feather hair extensions last?

If you take good care of your feather extensions, they will last for maybe 6-12 months, this can vary due to quality and how often you wear them. It is better not to wet the feathers as they are fragile, the extensions will last a lot longer if kept dry.

4.Do Feather Hair Extensions come in a variety of styles and colors?

Yes, they come in all lengths and a huge variety of colors, they look good in any hair, any color and any length.

5.So who are wearing feather hair extensions?

Anybody and Everybody!!
Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, may have started the trend but now people of all ages are wearing Feather Hair Extensions. Feather extensions add extra color and flair to your hair, and can be worn every day, or for special occasions such as parties and weddings. Yes, brides are also using feathers as their hair pieces instead of traditional veils or clipping them in their own hair for something a little different.