Human Hair Extensions

Hair Extension offers luxury hair extensions made from only the very best A-grade remy(tangle free)100% human hair. The range has designed by hairdressers and industry experts to protect your natural hair, making them light-weight, undetectable and long lasting. There are many different products available to suit your needs, just check out our product categories below.
Clip In Hair
Clip in hair extensions add volume,length, fullness or highlights to your own hair. It can be taken in or out in minutes and virtually undetectable, so fast and easy to yourself in the privacy of your home. In this case,clip on hair extensions can be used for executive, housekeeper and childcare employees and in general for busy women.
Weft Weaving Hair
  Wefted hair extensions are just a curtain of hair which are used to layer into your own hair to add ength,color. There are several methods to choose from to apply the wefted hair.
Nail Tip Hair
Nail Tip Hair also called U-tip is a process in which the ”U” shaped glue is alre is already on the tip of the hair ready to be attached by using the HIs & Her Extension lron.
Stick Tip Hair
Stick Tip Hair also called I-Tip is a process in which an “I” shaped glue is already on the tip of the hair ready to be attached by using the His & Her Extension Iron or with a Ring. With the Ring, there's no heat applied to the hair.
Micro Ring/Loop Hair
There is a string at the top in the loop and a micro ring already attached. All you have to do is to put your hair through the loop and pull at the string.It automatically pulls the hair through the micro ring. And then, just squeeze the ring . It is done. You may adjust the length as your hair grows: simply using the plier to open the micro ring and push the extension back up towards your scalp . And then reclaiming the micro ring shut. If you want to remove the extension, all you have to do is to open micro ring and remove it.It won’t damage hair because it has no glue and chemicals.
Tape Hair
Tape hair is very easy to apply and can be instantly applied to parted areas of the head.It is simple,completely invisible and givingall natural appearance.It looks like the hair is growing from your own scalp. The hair is hand sewn into a clear skin base and then,is attached to a durable double sided invisible adhesive tape