100% Real Human Hair Extensions

HairExtensionSale.co.net are guaranteed to sell 100% Human Hair! Now you can easily and affordability add length, volume, texture and/or highlights to your own hair with 100% human hair extensions. Our 100 % human hair extensions have a silky smooth texture and will be completely covert to your friends and significant others. Our hair extensions are easy to place and even easier to take out. it is an easy to use product that can enhance your image in minutes.

Why Human Hair?
We believe that only remy human hair extensions can give our customers the totally natural look they demand and so we do not sell synthetic hair. Only real human hair has a natural swing unlike synthetic hair which gives a fake look and can easily be identified as not real. Further real hair can be styled as normal compared to the synthetic hair that may frazzle if your dryer is on anything higher than a chill setting. Therefore the choice was clear because our aim was to give our customers the freedom of trying anything with their locks just like they treat/style their own hair.

Why only Remy hair and NOT just Real human hair?

The reason for selling only Remy hair and not any other human hair is that Remy hair uses only the premium and most beautiful human hair in the world. During the entire manufacturing process, remy hair is kept root end first, eliminating the chances of hair dryness and avoiding hair to get brittle which tangles constantly. It is completely hand-processed to keep the cuticle intact and aligned making it low maintenance, tangle-free and natural shine even when it is wet or washed. Since Remy hair is kept in natural structure/shape , it has the most original softness, longer life and strength compared to any other human hair available in the market. So if you are looking for the top quality hair extensions, Remy hair is the answer, truly a valuable investment!!

100% actual items filmed

Professional photography team, multi-angle, close shot in order to help customers know the details of each product possibly. Each product is shown at an close shot multi-angle to allow to customers to better view the details of the products.

100% Best Price

we are the supplier of many local branded hair extensions like pro extensions,easihair etc...The reason why we can offer such competitive price is that we don't have the brand name on tag of our hair extensions but we guarentee the style and hair type and texture are the same. Our hair extensions come directly from the manufacturers that we cooperate with. We do not use third party sources.

100% Secure Shopping

We adapt advanced, secure payment way: Paypal, Visa, Marster card which ensure your account security. More Detais>>